After the overwhelming success of exhibiting at Autumn Fair, we have decided that it would be good to put the book directly in front of buyers. As such we have now booked stands at various big Christmas consumer fairs around the UK.

However, given our experience at Autumn Fair and not having a “proper” stand with which to display the book, it was time to remedy this situation. Selling any product successfully is of course largely influenced by its presentation. The book has a beautiful and striking cover, however we are going to “shows” where we will be selling only one product. In order to do the book justice and to attract attention of buyers amongst hundreds of stands, we are going to need something special.

Whilst we were at Spring Fair we spotted an amazing company selling machines designed to make it snow in shop windows.  This got me to thinking; “Wouldn’t it be cool, if I could make it snow on the books?!”

The problem now I had decided that I wanted it to snow on the books was how am I going to present the stand in a magical way befitting the design of the book, suspend a snow machine above the books, contain the falling snow to enable it to be refilled at the end of the day and make the stand easily come apart for transportation and assembly purposes?

Well, after much thought, the concept for the stand was essentially based on a 4 poster bed, with the snow machine being suspended from a cross-bracing strut. So, I set about joining table legs, buying knock-down bed brackets, measuring and cutting wood.

Then it dawned on me, great idea for a lovely stand, but where am I going to store the stock for these shows? Again, after a bit of head scratching, I decided a raised floor with a detachable front panel would offer the storage solution required.

So, now it was engineered, made and worked really well, it was time to begin the pain-staking process of hand drawing, painting and staining the stand with designs taken from the book’s illustrations.

The result we hope, is something unique and magical, that will attract people’s attention and most importantly make people smile at Christmas time!