A week in Islington saw Santa Claus: The Book of Secrets and the magical snowing stand make its first appearance in front of the general public.

Despite the awful location of the stand tucked away in the back corner, (which had been necessitated by our very late booking) the show was a massive success.

We met and spoke with hundreds and hundreds of people and their response to the book was truly humbling. The magic snowing stand certainly worked, catching eyes and pulling the crowds in.

Once at the stand, those both young and old loved the magic of the book. Listening to the ooohs and ahhs and the kind words people had to say about the book was a real pleasure, especially given that the vast majority was unaware that I was the author.

The show itself seemed too busy. I know that may sound odd, but the crowds poured in and shuffled their way around the aisles shoulder to shoulder. It is of course good to have lots of people at a show, but not so good when those people feel uncomfortable and cannot stop to take in the stands, because they are being dragged around in a claustrophobic mass.

This event served to finally dispel any nagging doubts as to how people would receive the book. Having seen the reaction of the crowds in London, I am now certain that it will prove very successful in helping sprinkle a little magic at Christmas time.