Beautiful Wooden Mountain Scene Advent Calendar (Light Up)


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This is an absolutely stunning advent calendar which has been lovingly crafted from wood.

The main scene on the calendar shows a little mountain village with houses, lampposts and people which sit beneath an arch which has been created out of Christmas trees and more little wooden houses. This arch is lit from behind by the candle shaped lights which are placed within it. The houses in the village scene beneath are also lit as are the little lamps which sit alongside the houses.

This wonderful scene is sat atop the 24 drawers which can be seen in 2 rows. Sandwiched between these 2 rows of drawers is an absolutely magical woodland scene behind which 5 stars sparked when the advent calendar is lit.

Size: 44cm high x 44cm wide x 10.5cm deep

Internal size of drawers: 32mm x 25mm x 28mm

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